Ignite your purpose & start living

Self Actualization through Purpose & Mastery. 

You are a hollistic human being that deserves a hollistic life experience. You are not a cyborg.

Melisa's unique models of teaching provide you with both the mindset + methods you can apply in all areas of your life.

All courses are delivered with 15+ years of personal experience in learning design & human development training.

Master your own mind & emotions. Ignite your life purpose. Time to start livin from within.

All virtual and globally accessable. No time restrictions, lifetime access for all courses you purchase.

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Life fulfillment is not a trade off, it's your birth right. Discover your true self and awaken the leader within you. It's time to start living. This course is the perfect place to begin, no matter what stage in life you are in, for setting a foundation to truly live your purpose & your authentic self.

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Melisa's free masterclass on transcending the human condition.

This masterclass will show you how to start consciously living a life of alignment with your True Self, shifting negative thought loops that are holding you back and the keys to emotional mastery.
This class covers practical wisdom on both mindset & methodology. To go deeper into Self Mastery & ignite your life purpose, this course is for you.

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As a hollistic being your life consists of various elements that make up the whole. With this in mind, I created my concept 7 healths of well-being. 

Here we cover the 7 elements of your life that when unblocked, balanced & integrated, lead to a fulfilling, conscious life.

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awaken the leader within natural law and divine order course.png

Your guide to the hidden knowledge of Natural law and divine order in an easy to understand & apply methodology.

Natural law is what actually governs your life experience, and when you become conscious of it, you can live in harmony with the divine & activate the leader within you ~ your key to personal freedom.

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the keys to magnetic attraction and infl

A toolbox that enables you to master your own psychology so that you do not become a slave to other's influence. Teaching you how to authentically, magnetically increase your self confidence, bring out your inner light and beam like the miracle you are.

It is already within you, in this course we cover how to shine that light in the purest, most authentic way that naturally draws the right people & circumstances to you.