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Why We Sleep

by Matthew Walker

This book is relevant to anyone that sleeps. That’s right, that also means you! 
We all know sleep is important, but I’m sure you do not know how important; until you read ‘why we sleep’.
Not only is this natural phenomenon crucial to the functioning of our every day lives, sleep brings an array of benefits for our body and mind. 
Boosting the strength of our immune system and enhancing creative thinking, nurturing emotional health, creating connections between new information learnt and our past memories, to name a few.
And yes, those strange dreams you have do serve a purpose! .. Both deep sleep (NREM) and dreaming sleep (REM) serve important tasks to our wellbeing and development every day.
You will learn how the sleep/wake process works, how to achieve quality sleep and how external factors are influencing sleep cycles. 
A must read for everyone’s book shelf! 📖
~ #livintraining ~

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